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The best 5 WooCommerce hooks for Orders

Developers like to automate things, and WooCommerce hooks enables them to do so. A hook is triggered on a few static points in the order process. WordPress is using actions and filters as a hook, which makes the CMS a lot more dynamic than others. 1) Order completed WooCommerce hook Once an order is completed, […]

New year sale 2015

New Year 2016 Sale!

We’ve have some nice discounts for Awesome Photo Gallery in whole January! Check our new year sale page to get your discount.

Compress image files for web pages

Compress Image Files for Websites

We have some tips and examples why you should use compression for image files. We show you that a compressed image is visually the same as an uncompressed image.

Awesome Photo Gallery settings

Released Awesome Photo Gallery

The Awesome Photo Gallery was released. Read our release blog post about the gallery plugin.

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