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When you have a copy of Awesome Photo Gallery Premium you'll get a lot more functionality, including premium support and updates for 1 year! When you buy a copy of this premium version, you also support further development of Awesome Photo Gallery.

This premium version has a lot more features than our free version. The following features are included in the premium version:

Add filmstrip in photo gallery

Filmstrip in photo viewer

You can enable a filmstrip in the fullscreen photo viewer. With the filmstrip are your users able to see what photo’s are coming up, so they know what to expected when they view an image. When you’ve enabled the slideshow, the filmstrip will be updated automatically.

Change the lightbox

In the premium version you can change the text color of the buttons, the border color and the background color. This could be done in the settings screen with a very handy color picker.

Change the lightbox

Enable share buttons for more social traction

Share Buttons

Add Share buttons in the photo viewer for the biggest social media out there on your website. With Awesome Photo Gallery premium you can enable the share buttons and you'll get more social traction. Visitors on your website are able to share specific albums to social media, which could bring you more visitors to your site.

Premium Support

Included in this premium version is 1-year support for your website’s with Awesome Photo Gallery. We’ll try to help you with all your questions and feedback about the gallery plugin. Even in weekends!

Buy more, and get a discount!

When you order premium for more than one site, we have a discount for you. The discount is applied automatically in the pricing packages we offer. Select the site limit (on how many sites you’d like to activate this premium plugin) and order your premium copy now!


I was looking for a simple solution for uploading pictures. Without limits and easy to handle.
You did it. Great work – thanks
Dieter_H on

The developers

Awesome photo gallery premium for WordPress, developer Peter

Peter van Wilderen

The lead developer for this project is Peter.

Awesome photo gallery premium for WordPress, tester Martin

Martin van Wilderen

Martin is responsible for the planning and testing of this plugin.

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