Awesome Photo Gallery

Awesome Photo Gallery is a free WordPress plugin developed and maintained by CodeBrothers. This photo gallery plugin could be downloaded for free from the repo.

Free Photo Gallery plugin

We needed a good gallery plugin for one of our client sites. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a proper, clean, gallery plugin for WordPress. That was the main idea for us to build our own album plugin and publish it for free in the repository. The Awesome Photo gallery is easy to use with a simple interface in the WP Admin.

Awesome Photo Gallery settings

The settings could be adjusted in the WP Admin when you are allowed to change settings. An Editor shouldn’t be able to change the photo gallery settings, so the editor is only allowed to upload new photos’s in the galleries.

Awesome Photo Gallery settingsAwesome Photo Gallery photo album overview

Lightweight Photo Viewer in the Galleries

In the photo album plugin we have implemented a custom, lightweight photo viewer. We don’t use a standard jQuery modal to show your photo’s, because they deserve better than that.
Our photo viewer is a very easy to use for your site users and the viewer is responsive too. You can add Share Buttons in this photo viewer to get more social traffic, by downloading our extension for that.

Awesome Photo gallery photo viewer

Get it now!

This free photo gallery plugin is looking good, right? Download and install it now for free from the repository!

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