Awesome Photo Gallery documentation

Enable slideshows for photo galleries

Note: This functionality was added in version 1.1.0. Please make sure you’ve at least that version on your website installed. You can enable slideshows for your photo albums on the settings page of Awesome Photo Gallery. When the slideshow is enabled, you can choose it should be started automatically, or by the user. In order […]

Create a Gallery

When you’ve downloaded and installed Awesome Photo Gallery from the WordPress repository, you’re able to create a gallery. This all happens in your WordPress backend! Download & Install Awesome Photo Gallery – The first step is to download the photo gallery plugin and install it on your WordPress site. Activate the plugin – Go to […]

Where can I validate my license key?

After you’ve purchased a new license key in our store, you may want to validate it. Go to the License Key information page on our website You can enter the license key and hit “Find license key” We will check your license key in our system. In the result you’ll see some basic values that […]

How can I enable the share buttons?

In order to enable the share buttons, you’ll need the Share Buttons Add-on for Awesome Photo Gallery. This add-on gives you the options to enable the share buttons in the settings page. Enable share the buttons After you’ve purchased the add-on in our shop and uploaded it to your website, you can manage which social […]

How do I install my extensions?

First of all, thank for buying one of our extensions in the shop of CodeBrothers. After you order is completed, you can follow these steps to install your recently bought extensions: Download the extension .zip file In the “Order Completed” email you’ll find the download link for your extension. In the same download email you’ll […]

Where can I find the License Keys?

After you’ve placed your order we will process your order. If you’ve payed with Credit Card, we will process your order immediately. If you chose for a direct bank transfer, we need to verify your payment first. Order processing Once your order is completed, we will generate the license keys and add them in the “Order […]

Insert a gallery preview to a post or page

When you have a post, page or custom post type, you’re able to add an album preview by using a shortcode of Awesome Photo Gallery. You need to have the free version of Awesome Photo Gallery activated on your website to get this done. Go to your album overview, hit in the left menu the […]

Available shortcodes

In our Awesome Photo Gallery plugin we have added a few shortcodes available for further use on your website. On this page you’ll find a table with the shortcodes which could be used in every posttype or page. Looking for functional calls to implement a gallery in your theme directly? See the available functional calls […]