Hosted License keys API

This product is for developers and companies who sell license keys to validate their premium software products. We’ve build an hosted license keys API to manage your license keys in one safe place.

Manage license keys

The hosted license keys API is mainly focussed on managing your license keys. You sell the premium products in your software or website, and after a successful payment you can create a new license key in the API. The license key will be active instantly, so the client can activate and use your premium product immediately.

Verify a website

We advise you to do a daily check if the license is still valid and activated on the given domain. You can use an API call to verify the license key for a domain.

Distribute updates

We have an build-in update management in the API, so you can update the premium products very easily. You can upload the newest version of your product in our Manager, and we will distribute the file in our CDN. Your software should check daily basis for updates by reading an update file in our API, which is generated automatically.
The updates are distributed very fast in our CDN and your clients will receive a temporarily download url to download the file.

Manage license keys and updates

The hosted license keys API is very easy to manage. We have interface, the Manager, which is available online. In the interface you can manage your api keys, license keys, products and activated domains in the license keys.
We also have the API, where are various ways to update and create things. The API is JSON powered and we’re working hard on getting fast page loading times. The hosted license keys API, the website and the manager are running on SSL. We do care about security!

Import your current data

One of the hardest things is importing data, because there are a lot of ways to store your license keys and their activations. We want to help you for free with migrating to the hosted license keys API. We can help you with programming some scripts, or import database data into our API. Just contact us, and we can talk about it.

Hosted license keys API

The first 150 active license keys in your account are completely free. You can use it to test your products with the hosted license keys API and try some things out. The update management is not available in this free package.

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